Twitter Pros and Cons

Is Twitter better than Facebook? It may sound like a crazy question. The fact is Twitter can be much better for marketing strategies, while Facebook is a more personal platform.

In a recent PC World article by Barbara E. Hernandez, it’s noted that Twitter allows for “more return on investment, less time for more exposure, a quick-hit approach to conversations, a more savvy population and few distractions from the endless streams of information.”

This is an incredible point. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter.

Twitter Pros

1. Room to Grow
Twitter is growing, and many marketing professionals are using it. This is not the case with Facebook. Some are turned away by the mess of content on Facebook and all the novelties it offers. Twitter is an Apple computer in one small frame, while Facebook is a PC with a lot of connections. Both have their purpose.

2. Simplicity
Twitter also has a unique interface. Do you really need a Trapper Keeper or will a simple folder do the job? Sometimes back to the basics is better. Twitter’s interface is fairly new, and offers unique ways for businesses to have messages spread and use videos.

3. Community
There is a unique community on Twitter. Facebook has a unique community too, as do all social sites, but Twitter appears to be more professional. If you connect with the right people, your message can spread fast. The simple system of retweeting helped build relationships. These relationships have built communities. These communities have found companies buyers and buyers jobs.

Twitter Cons

1. Size
Twitter is smaller than Facebook. It is going to take some time for it to really catch up with the social giant. While the owners of Twitter see it reaching billions of users, it will take quite a long time.

2. Attention
Twitter users have no attention spans. The “send your message in 140 characters or less” has been made valid. If you have a lengthy point to make, you must use a link to connect to it. And even then, Twitter folk tend to only partake in quick news bites.

3. Down Time
Twitter goes down all too often. The system is still in its infancy, and just about anyone who has used Twitter can recall several “down times” where you could not post messages. If this occurs at a crucial time for your marketing campaign, it can definitely hurt.

Twitter is, in the end, a marketing platform with no equal. It’s smaller, you have to be brief and you cannot always depend on it being up, but you can count on making more of an impact with each new follower you get and Tweet you share.


  1. thank you for your article which sheds morelights on some assumptions that I already had. I deactivated my facebook account because as a small business owner, my only purpose for being there was to seek ways to promote my business. but I found facebook crowds not to be quite open to the outside world of friends connections. the ‘intellectual level of the debate it seems to me is higher and more relevant on twitter. so far, I haven’t figured out a way of marketing my business on that platform because of the paradox of living in washington dc. having a local business, i could use local followers so I can figure out how to pitch my services. out of my 700 followers, it’s a fair estimate that fewer than 10 are from the washington metropolitan area. that is specific, I don’t think that it has anything to do with twitter.

  2. This is the first time I am reading an article analyzing Twitter! Great post. I have been wondering as to how should i go about marketing in Twitter and whether to do more in Twitter or Facebook. Your post is detailed and analyses minute points. Keep posting

  3. For me Twitter is alot more ‘friendlier’ and easier to network with. The etiquette seems to be if you follow someone, they follow back. I like Twitter. I find it harder to network for business on Facebook. I like Facebook to keep in contact with friends.

  4. I think that Twitter can be a useful marketing tool, but it shouldn’t be your only online marketing tool. Unless your following is strong enough to really get the word out about your business, you’re going to be wasting your time.

    Also, 140 characters might not always be enough to really connect with your potential prospects, especially if you want to include a link to your site. URL shrinkers like help, but they still limit the amount of content you can put up on your Tweets.

  5. Thanks for your post.

    I think both Facebook and Twitter have their benefits, but at the moment I certainly value Twitter more for spreading a message fast.

  6. Great blog! I’m surprised you guys don’t have a lot more activity on here when it comes to comments. Your information is helpful and knowledgeable. Not to mention you’re on the first page of Google. I’ll put you on my blogroll.


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