Scheduling Posts On Facebook

Scheduling Posts On Facebook

Scheduling Posts On Facebook

If you are utilizing Facebook with a business or community page, you’re either doing one of three things: a.) spending way too much time keeping up with posts, b.) not spending enough time keeping up with posts OR c.) trying to use HootSuite, Buffer or other scheduling tool to avoid scenario A and B and your posts are getting punished for it.

Well, sit back and relax, boys and girls. Scheduling posts for Facebook just got easier, faster and hassle-free (well, mostly, anyway.)

Facebook has introduced a scheduling tool of their very own. A lot of users have lauded this, since using third-party tools like SocialOomph was really a pain in the behind and it was just so much easier to do it by hand. When and if you had the time, that is. Let’s look at the steps involved in scheduling, and what you can and can’t do with Facebook’s new tool.

Step 1:  Create your post. It really is that simple. Just go into your account and write a status update, include a link, post a photo or video, or embed a YouTube clip. Now, before you hit Post, look down in the left-hand corner of the box. See that little clock? Click on it. Welcome to the scheduler!

Step 2:  Straightforward, simple enough to use – just figure out the date, month, year, and time you want the content to post and dial it in. You can also set language and location targeting just like you can with a non-scheduled post. You can schedule up to 6 months In advance, so you can take that New year’s Day snooze-in and not miss a beat on your Face book page. Once you’ve figured out all your particulars, click the Schedule button. Voila`! One post scheduled. But what if you need to edit it, or change it? On to…..

Step 3:  To edit a post, first you must access your admin panel. Once there, click open Edit Page, then your Activity Log. You should see all your scheduled posts. The only thing you can change from here is the time. To do that, scroll over the upper-right hand corner of the post in the Activity Log. A box should pop up with some options in it. No sweat, right?

Now, that’s what you can and should do to schedule Facebook posts. Let’s take a look at what you can’t do:

  1. You can’t post events, questions, offers, milestones or photo albums. And there’s something a bit dodgy about posting videos. Either that, or I don’t have the knack for it yet.
  2. You can’t edit more than a post’s time once it’s been posted. If you need to edit content or text, you’ll have to cancel it and start all over from the beginning. Choose your posts wisely youngling.
  3. You can’t coordinate scheduled posts with Twitter. Not sure why, really, but if you have your accounts linked (which is still a bit of a hot topic in social media marketing) scheduled posts will not appear in your Twitter feed.


Now the why behind the whole thing: Social media marketing needs consistency and fresh content. If you can’t give your Facebook account the time and content it needs, you’re not using it to its fullest potential. By scheduling posts to update your account more often, or to update regularly, you can build that all-important following that leads to marketing success. Every time. Right on schedule.


  1. This is a nice simple method for scheduling posts to the news feed. The other way of doing this is to use the Buffer app. Allows you to curate content that fits in with your Facebook pages and schedule them from an easy little bookmarklet. Cheers.

  2. I had no idea that facebook had a function like that and i’ve had one for quite a while. Interesting tidbit of information thanks for the post.

  3. Thanks for the information . I did not know you could do that with Facebook

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