Minneapolis Advertising Agencies: Del Monte Agency

Minneapolis Advertising Agencies: Del Monte Agency

Minneapolis Advertising Agencies: Del Monte Agency

This year in September, Del Monte Agency celebrated its first year as it finished as the top contender of Minneapolis advertising agencies.  For those that know me, you might remember some of my many Online initiatives such as creating one of the worlds first business blog directories, podcast directories, and my new SEO company review Website.

However, in this post I wanted to feature our own agency as it has a very diverse story behind it as well as a unique position in the marketplace.  First and foremost, our parent company (Del Monte & Associates, Inc.) decided to phase out our electronic marketing firm that many of you may of come to know as TMA E-Marketing.  Although. We were one of largest Internet marketing firms in the Midwest, we saw the scope of our business increase which have birth to Del Monte Agency.

Del Monte & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2001 by my father, Louis Del Monte who remains as CEO.  He later ventured into Online marketing which eventually led the company in running a top Minneapolis advertising agency.  Back in the early 2000’s, my father hired me to help and lead some of the company’s largest initiatives which some still exist today such as search engine marketing.  However as the marketplace changed, we saw a need to widen our focus.

In 2011, we began working on the Del Monte Agency project.  A new agency more aligned with today’s challenging complex business objectives as well as one that would provide scalability for long-term growth.  Make no mistake about it, we are a newcomer to the world of advertising, but have been practicing Internet marketing for over a decade.  Moreover, our sights are set high in becoming the largest advertising agency in Minneapolis.  If you are chuckling over that fact, that’s ok.  We’ll see you on the front line:)

Del Monte Agency’s “Non Advertising”

First, lets get some things straight.  We are an advertising agency.  Non Advertising is not a cleaver gimmick to set ourselves from our friendly competition.  It’s an entire philosophy built on the notion that consumers are not passive.  In other words, advertising utilized as direct marketing is becoming less effective.  Why?  It’s actually quite simple. Consumers don’t make purchasing decisions based on what advertising tells them to do.

So instead of selling, consumers actually want to buy.  But reaching and influencing those consumers is the backbone of what Non Advertising is all about through the art of continually relationship building and ensuring that the brand experience is consistent throughout the whole psychological buying cycle.

As you will note on our website, the whole idea we emphasis is prosperity.  That’s a strong word if you ask me…prosperity.  If you get that message, that means you don’t think of your target audience as numbers or a statistic.  Instead, you think of them as any stakeholder would want to be treated.  Think about that for a second.  If all stakeholders were prosperous, what would that look like?  Simply put, consumers would remember and recommend your brand (if emotionally positive), stockholders would reap larger rewards, and employees would get the greatest gift of all, praised recognition of why they do what they do.

If the above sounds too mushy to you, don’t worry; we’ll see you on the front line as we create memorable iconic campaigns and relationships that businesses are practically begging for.  For more information about Del Monte Agency, visit www.delmonteagency.com or call 612-276-3900.


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